Back in November, I wrote about another project I’m involved in. I’m working with Stephen Fulljames and Paul Adam Davis on the 12412 project.

It’s a cracking idea that Stephen had originally, and both Paul and myself jumped at the chance of being involved. I’ve a real thirst for knowledge (when time permits) so this was ideal for me.

The idea is that you pick or choose 12 different technologies, tools or techniques and learn a new one each month for 2012. Be it a new javascript framework, a new HTML technique or even just trying a new style in your illustration. It really does depend on what you want to learn.

There are no hard and fast rules either. We realise that people are busy, that you’ve got a lot on and sometimes you don’t have the time to dedicate towards learning something new, which is why the 12412 project is flexible. You can decide when and what you want to learn. If you’re only able to dedicate a small amount of time, take some months off! If you’re learning something particularly big like CodeIgniter, span it across two or three months!

No rules, just pure learning at your own speed!

The only thing we ask you to do is to blog your new found skills on the website or on your own blog. Write a post about how you’re doing, what you’ve learnt and how you’ve learnt it. What resources you’ve used and what you’ve found helpful!

This is so you can help others looking into learning the same thing.

It’s a crowd-sourced community based learning project :) We all learn off each other!

With that said, (and following in Amber’s footsteps) I’ll give you an idea on what I want to learn over the next 12 months. This list isn’t a rule nor is it definite but it’s something I’ll strive towards!

  • Responsive layouts (learn properly) – This is January’s project.
  • Basic JavaScript and jQuery
  • Basic PHP and CodeIgniter
  • HTML5 API’s like geolocation and localStorage
  • Node would be incredibly nice to learn but depends on my experience with JavaScript
  • JSON
  • RESTful

If you want to get your learn on in 2012, then why not join us on and get learning! Stephen actually wrote a great post on Tools & Technologies which may give you an idea of stuff to learn.

What would you want to learn?


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