Weekly links #1

I come across a lot of stuff in my day to day browsing, either through newsletters, friends recommendations, twitter etc. and I tend to throw it all into Pocket for later viewing, except I rarely get a chance to check out these links and my Pocket list is getting longer and longer. On top of that, because I throw everything into Pocket, including clever github repos, pictures of cats, music links etc, a lot of the interesting front-end stuff I want to read gets lost.

So in an effort to read more, I figured I’d post a list of some of the more relevant links here. Consider it a public “What I’m Reading” list for front-end dev & other the occasional other interesting topic!

So here’s my web from the past week.

Those folks at Zapier have written an Introduction to APIs which looks like a great resource for learning how to interact with APIs which in our industry, is becoming more of a requirement. Speaking of APIs, Rogie built Dug.js and released it a few weeks ago which helps when you’re connecting with APIs by converting JSONP data into HTML.

WordPress 3.9 is due for release this month and WPTheming have a great round up of new features coming.

Microsoft have pushed out a status-board of sorts for Internet Explorer detailing where they’re at with different HTML5 & CSS specifications. A handy resource!

I don’t know about you but designing HTML emails is not one of my favourite tasks. Really Good Emails is a showcase of nicely designed HTML emails which might make the task easier!

Andrew Clarke writes a nice piece on Smashing Mag entitled A Modern Designers Canvas

Bobby Rinaldi writes a nice article on being Paralysed by Choice in Front End Development ; I’ve often thought the same way and tend to stick with tools I know rather than trying new things. There’s so much out there!

That man “Addy Osmani” has written up a process of stripping out unused CSS from your stylesheets using various different task runners. Boy do I need this in my life! Spring-cleaning Unused CSS With Grunt, Gulp, Broccoli or Brunch

I’ve really been getting into Sass in the last year and I always find it interesting reading about how others structure their files. “Groupbuddies” goes into how they structure their Sass & their project architecture.

Speaking of Sass, here’s a nifty article on viewing Sass line numbers in Chrome Dev Tools

And who doesn’t love Sass right? Check out my buddy Stu Robson and his weekly email list on Sass – Sassnews & @sassnews

Metalsmith is another new lean static site generator. I really should give some of these a go!

You may have seen me moaning on twitter recently after I fell whilst snowboarding and trashed a ligament in my knee. I did enjoy snowboarding though so Alex has started an idea where Snow And Code mix :)

And lastly, awesome event WebDevConf is back for another year! I hope to be there this year and I think you should be too!

And there we have it. A list of stuff I’ve bookmarked over the past week or so!


  • 07 Apr 2014 15:54:54

    Great idea Ant! I hadn’t realised WDC tickets were on sale already, just snagged one now :)

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