Readdressing the balance

So it’s been a while since I’ve written anything here.

It’s been a while since I’ve had a chance to do much reading or learning when it comes to the web and (I’m being honest here) I’ve suffered for it.

I’ve seen new technologies, features and systems come along which have interested me and I’ve noted these down with the intention to get stuck in and read up more about them but I’ve just not had the chance. The day job, family life, leisure (I like to ride my bike now!) have all taken up more of my time over the past few years and whilst it’s been great fun, the balance hasn’t been there.

I’ve had some web work to do over the past few years, small jobs for local agencies which haven’t really pushed or challenged me as a developer and I’ve fallen into the trap of being comfortable and not pushing myself to progress, learn or improve my skills; which we all need to continue doing what we love.

And that makes me sad.

So I’m going to be spending some time reading, writing and coding.

I’ve already started this past week with some fun stuff.

  • I’ve begun bringing an old running-related side-tool up to date.
  • I’ve played around with CSS Grid and love it!
  • I’ve recreated a bunch of icons I made in 2015 for practice
  • I’ve had great fun learning about SVG animations and actually got some satisfaction from animating some things!
  • I’ve tinkered with a bit of React but I am far far from building anything with it.
  • I’m re-reading some JS books I’ve got
  • I’ve even had a pop at refactoring a bunch of JS code I wrote last year too!

Whilst it’s sad that I’ve not had much of a chance to learn over the past two or three years, I’m more disappointing in myself for letting it get to this stage.

I miss making things, I miss thinking up goofy ideas and then sketching them out or working up a prototype. I need to get back into that creative way of thinking, I need to get back into making notes, sketching ideas and actually building stuff, even if it’s just for me.


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