Forever tweaking

I’ve been slowly tweaking this page over the last 3 or 4 months but more so over the last week or so as I wanted it to show more than just my twitter updates. It didn’t really make sense to me to have just my twitter updates on the home page and the blog elsewhere.

So I’ve incorporated the two on the home page. I made the decision to just have the last 2 posts on the home page – and the rest on the blog page but this’ll change in the future as will the general design.

I’ve also removed the show / hide portfolio section as it wasn’t particularly helpful and kept my recent work hidden! So now I’ve moved them to the sidebar on the right. A little more obvious – but again, that’ll all change in the future when I rework this website completely.

Lastly, I’ve added two more websites to my portfolio, so do go & take a look at those.