Anthony is a freelance designer / front-end developer with 15+ years experience in building sites for agencies, individuals and SMEs. Fortunately, he’s available for hire!

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Things I've Learnt from 12 Devs of Xmas 2016

The fifth series of articles for the 12 Devs of Xmas has drawn to a close, and what a great series it was too! I’m always making notes and picking up tips when I read the articles daily so instead of keeping them to myself, I thought I’d share what I’ve enjoyed from each article here.

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Getting to grips with matchMedia

Media Queries are one of my favourite modern web features. The ability to adjust the look and feel of a page based on the device viewing it. CSS3 makes it easy but what if we wanted to do the same with JS?

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12 Devs Returns

Adam & I have decided to bring back the 12 Devs Christmas Articles. It’s going to be freaking awesome!

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