Anthony is approaching 40 in his thirties living in London with is his wife & two kids.


Anthony used to be a freelance front-end web developer who started tinkering with code in 1996 by building websites for himself or friends.

In 2011, Anthony built a small tool for following hashtags on twitter which related to specific web conferences called ConfTweets. Seeing real people use this virtual tool ignited a passion to build things for people to use.

2011 saw the birth of CroydonCreativ.es, a community of web & creative people who came together in Croydon, UK for monthly socials. Food, drink & banter. Lovely.

2011 was also the first year that 12DevsofXmas ran. An annual festive treat where Adam & I would post a web article a day for the 12 days of Xmas. This ran almost yearly from 2011 to 2015.

In 2013, Adam & I collaborated on a series of events titled 12Devs, where we invited several guest speakers to attend a venue and joined by 50-90 attendees. These ran for about a year, complete with sponsors, drinks, food & many new friends. 12Devs was also nominated for an award for Best Grassroots Event in 2014 by .net Magazine.

Code kept his creative juices flowing through to 2015 or so when workloads, daily stresses and a poor work/life balance results in some pretty serious burnout. 12Devs went on hiatus. As did CroydonCreativ.es and pretty much most other projects I had on.

Fast forward a bit...

The thought of tinkering with code has been floating around for a few years now but the thought of coming back to front end development after skipping a few years, and trying to play catch up has led to a lot of procrastination and an awful lot of putting it off.


But 2020 arrived and we all know what a mess this year has been.

Carrying out my day job whilst WFH has allowed me to reconnect with some communities that I'd lost touch with. One of which is On the Side; and talking with the community there got me to look at my issues differently. It shouldn't be 'what if I don't know what I'm doing' but more like 'what if I do know what I'm doing.'

So here I am. I'm starting off by rebuilding my own site and looking at all the technologies and languages I used to use, and looking to bring myself back up to speed with modern methods. I'll be writing about it here to reaffirm my knowledge and share what I've learnt.

Who knows... maybe I'll finally get to grips with javascript after all these years ha!

And with a bit of luck, if what I write is wrong, someone will get in contact and show me the error of my ways