12 Devs Returns

The 12 Devs of Christmas originally came about after a few 'semi-serious' tweets back in 2011 and snowballed into an impressive 3 (1, 2 & 3) series of Christmas articles, a summer set of articles, some "Thoughts" and 4 absolutely incredible events. 18 Speakers, 44 Authors and the awesome web community made the 12 Devs an amazing thing to be a part of... but it was hard work and on stage, on our last event in Shoreditch, London; Adam Onishi and I said a fond farewell to the 12 Devs.

I won't lie; it was emotional and I shed a tear.

Roll on 12 months and after a few more 'semi-serious' tweets, Adam & I began plotting a return...

Adam puts things into words better than I do so please go and read his post but basically, we're bringing back the 12 Devs Christmas articles this year, and to help us, the team is growing. It's awesome to welcome Lily Dart onto the team. Lily is a wonderful person with an impressive skill set and an awesome organisational mindset.

I'm really excited for the return.

Seriously, go read the 12Devs post & keep an eye on 12Devs.co.uk :)