Weekly Links 3

This weeks links might be a little on the light side after last weeks behemoth as I’ve been enjoying a break from work and a few days with the family during the school holidays!


Version 2 of Picturefill, the picture polyfill for responsive images is now available.

New HTML attributes for links you say?


If you’re new to web development and you still haven’t got your head around the phrases you often see on the web, then @sakamies has you covered with CSS Vocabulary


How do you organise your Sass code? Here’s five different methods

Web Dev firm Netguru explain how Sass 3.3 will solve your RWD problems

Saffron looks to be a great little Sass library for animations and transitions.


localForage from Mozilla is a javascript library that plans to improve on the localStorage API and allows you to store various types of data rather than just strings.


To go alongside the CSS Vocabulary I mentioned earlier in the list, Dots Dictionary is a guide to words and phrases used within Graphic Design, a great resource if ever I saw one!

Nice response to Using Photoshop in Responsive Workflows from Dan Mall on StandardsSherpa

Dan also posted on his own site, Visual Inventory, A design deliverable for the post-PSD era of responsive design

I Mentioned last week about Five Simple Steps closing its doors. They’re a nice bunch at FSS and have transferred all rights back to the authors of the books so they can distribute as they wish. Some authors have made their books available to buy again (or even grab for free). Andy Croll has put together a definitive list of their books and where to go to find ‘em again! The New Homes of Five Simple Steps Books

If you’re anything like me, time spent on a project is nowhere near similar to time estimated at the beginning of a project. Anna Debenham writes on How to Create an Accurate Estimate for your Projects

That awesome resource, TypeKit have released Practice, a place to try things, hone your skills, and stay sharp. Everyone can practice typography.

A useful resource which might come in handy one day, Brand Colors shares the HEX codes of various well known companies.

IconPocket looks to be a great little app which allows you to access your own private repository of icons online, on your desktop or from your favourite app.

Speaking of favourite apps, Sketch 3 is out! Watch the videos, buy the app!

And once you’ve bought the app, that dude MengTo has published a whole load of Sketch 3 videos and tips. If you’ve not tried Sketch yet, watch some of these!

Stef over at Makeshift has written about Stepping away from the Screen and why that’s a good thing! I’ve just had 3 days away with family and even though I took my laptop just in case, it remained firmly in my bag… and you know what? It felt good.

In April 2014, Frank Chimero was invited to speak at Harvard University by the History Design Studio and the Graduate School of Design. Frank has adapted his talk for the web

Why do we always have trouble with that last 10% ? – Cap Watkins gives his view!


A somewhat shorter list. I need to work on an easier way to keep this going. Spending a few hours on each one won’t be easy but I have ideas on how to make it more efficient. If you’ve got any good links that would feel right at home on next weeks list, hit me up on twitter, @mrqwest