Weekly Links 5

The link list today is going to be a big one. I’ve salvaged the links lost from last weeks screw up, plus a whole heap of links from this week! Grab a brew, this’ll take a while!


Just a quick note, right at the head of this post, tickets for MKGN #9 are released today at 10am, and they’re free… so in the next hour. Book tickets and have fun!


Google have released Web Fundementals – a handbook for best practices.

That Jeremy Keith has released Pattern-Primer on Github, save snippets of code within the directory and it’ll produce a lovely list for you to use. You’re own pattern library.


More & more links are appearing revolving around CSS animations, transforms and the like. Smashing Magazine posted a great resource, Understanding CSS Timing Functions – Well worth a read!

I love Dan Eden’s Animate CSS – it s a great tool for building in slick CSS animations into your project. Magic Animations CSS3 is a similar tool with different effects!

Now this looks interesting, CSS Shapes 101 on A List Apart


Here’s a write up on from Hugo on Casting a map into a list in Sass

A(nother) nice write-up on Sass Maps courtesy of Jonathan Suh.

Aaaannd a great article from Revolt! Puppy entitled The Perfect Sunset, Part I: Better Colors With Sass


SitePoint have a post up on the Introduction to the Web Notifications API

Famo.us sounds interesting! Percolate have an introduction on their website – The Future of Javascript Animation with Famo.us

Velocity.js looks interesting. It’s a jQuery plugin which expands on the $.animate() function and gives it a boost.


I’ve often felt guilty about using certain libraries in projects that are bigger than they need to in order to get a specific task done but my skill level isn’t where it needs to be to write the functionality natively. This post on Telerik by TJ Vantoll is about that, Using UI Libraries Without the Bloat


A post by Jamie Skella on What UX Isn’t

Jeff Archibald uncovers the thought processes, variables, logic, and math that goes into pricing web design – Inside the Black Box of Web Design

Not strictly front end but love the Design Details posts from Brian Lovin. This time around, he disects the neat little UI, UX & design details for the new flickr for iOS app

Everyone Deserves Great Design

Need some music to help you feel creative whilst you’re working? Creative Music has you covered

You’ve updated all of your WordPress installs to 3.9 right? If you’re like me, you’ve not had a chance to look into the new features and changes to core so here’s a handy infographic

The ever eloquent Frank Chimero shares his suggestions for speakers, if you’re a speaker or looking to jump into public speaking, this would be a good read!

Yesterday, an article entitled Burying the URL set my twitter feed alight. A lot of people complaining about Chrome losing the URL, stopping copying of URLs and a lot of folk thanking Mozilla for the release of Firefox 29. To me, it seemed like a silly move. Gary Bacon then updated his article on the new awesome bar to say that the next release of Canary has removed this feature.

Speaking of Firefox 29, here’s a list of changes in version 29 for developers

That clever chap Jordan Moore writes on the Typecast blog about Designing for moments with Media Queries and how we can improve mobile experiences through type.

Top man Scott Riley is Going Freelance – you should hire him, his won awards or something!

Sketch 3 was released a few weeks back and there’s been a flurry of links arriving. Here’s a Foundation Kit for Sketch for help when using the Foundation framework. Here’s an Android UI kit – Sketch already comes bundled with the awesome iOS7 kit from Teehan + Lax. Here’s an assortment of sketch plugins to help with grids, typography and colour palettes. Lastly, here’s a nifty content generator plugin – this looks proper awesome!

A Question

Here’s a question and I’d love you to tell me your thoughts either in the comments or on twitter, @mrqwest – Would you prefer a long list of links which you’ll add to your reading list and ultimately not read or would you like a finer curated list with about 7-10 posts a week that you’ll have more chance of reading (one a day for a week?).

Let me know what you think!


And there we have it, list #5 done… Now go book your ticket to MKGN (although they’ve probably already sold out) and then go have a read!

Have a good weekend :)