Weekly Links 6

Things might look a little janky around here for a few weeks whilst I start tweaking bits and pieces to make the site perform a little better. I’ll be re-factoring the CSS into Sass, tweaking some design elements and overall just having some fun and experimenting :)

But onwards to the Weekly List, another bumper list of links for your Read Later lists… Lots to get through this week, let’s get cracking!


How does role=application affect screen readers when using WAI-ARIA roles in your HTML? Using WAI-ARIA in HTML

Bruce Lawson asks Should you use HTML5 elements header and footer?


Here’s how to achieve the frosted glass look using CSS Filters. I had a go at this the other day for this site (before I read that post) but was unhappy with the blurring of the edges. Anyone know of a way to blur the image without blurring the edges?

DoCSSa is a CSS architecture and methodology that tries to combine all the good parts of the current state of the art.

The folk at Treehouse have posted about Flexbox: The Next Generation of CSS Layout has Arrived – it’s pretty comprehensive!

Speaking of CSS3 Layouts, Rachel Andrew is selling her Css3 Layout Modules pocket guide on her own site…

Also speaking of which, awesome publisher FiveSimpleSteps is back and under new management. Welsh superstars Craig Lockwood and Amie Duggan have taken the reigns and Five Simple Steps is now Back in Business

I love adding tiny little details into my builds that help others, unexpected experience boosts. One of those is tapping a phone number on a phone to ring it! Here’s an article on Customizing phone numbers with CSS


That champ Westley Knight produced a Bulletproof (not guaranteed to stop bullets!) Breakpoint function. Looks slick!

Last Week, Revolt! Puppy brought you part 1 of their Sass & Colour series. Here’s part 2 – Creating Luminous Colors with Sass

This is an interesting one, add Scss processing to WordPress with the WP-SCSS plugin – I’ve not tried it yet as I tend to work in Sublime / Atom and preprocess my WP styles externally but I can see this would be required sometimes.

A Link you’ve probably already read as it’s done the rounds but an excellent resource appeared on A List Apart: DRY-ing Out Your Sass Mixins

Need to learn about Sass and stuff? That super-talented dude Stu Robson is holding a Sass workshop at Port80 Conf next week (15th May) – you should totally go!


The first draft of the service worker spec was published Yesterday (8th)! Service-workers will be able to open up a wealth of opportunity once it gets full support and I think it’s more than a little exciting :)


This is a clever little site – Code and Theory

Harry Roberts has written some great posts on many various topics and this week, he has written up his Trello Workflow – its an excellent read and I’ve adopted many of his tips into my own Trello workflow. Not using Trello? I’d recommend it

Speaking of Harry, he wrote a post last year about his Shame.css – a way of hacking your CSS in a rush but with the idea to roll it into your main CSS when you’ve got more time. I’ll be implementing that here soon!

Text editor Atom from Github is now open source – I’ve been using it for the past few days (since upgrading my MBp) and it’s nice. It’s not as stable as SublimeText in my opinion but I’m still enjoying it!

New Podcast Alert! – Those awesome folks Ashley Baxter and Paddy Donnelly have started a podcast called the Working Out Podcast, talking about embarking on a journey to figure out how to create a business doing what you love.

Jekyll Turns 2.0.0

Open Iconic is a free and open icon set which comes in SVG, webfont and raster flavours.

Are you a freelancer? Those amazing folk at FreeAgent are offering up a free ebook covering your A to Z of Business Costs and Expenses – the guides come in two flavours, one for sole traders and one for limited companies! Go read!

Talented Dan Eden has released Belt, his perfect boilerplate for his own projects. He thinks it’ll work nicely for others too so he has shared it. I have my own but it’s great to see other peoples starting points and adapting to suit :)

Here’s 8 tips to become a better front end developer


And there we have it, a round up of the week! Hope you enjoy the list and feel free to shout me some links you think should be included for next week. Either drop me an email or tweet me @mrqwest