Weekly Links 7

Friday again? Time for some more quality front end links! Remember, if you’ve got anything you want me to take a look at and include in future posts, drop me an email or tweet @mrqwest


New CMS October has been flashing up in my twitter feed recently, a PHP CMS that goes back to basics. I’m pretty happy with Textpattern but this might be worth looking at.

Smashing mag have a great article entitled Responsive Images Done Right: A Guide to to Picture and srcset. I really need to start trying out these responsive image tools!

… and a related post from Tim Kadlec, Don’t Wait on Responsive Images

… and another from Martin Wolf, The New srcset and Sizes Explained

That dude @mdo has come up with WTF, Forms?Friendlier HTML form controls with a little CSS magic. Designed for IE9+, as well as the latest Chrome, Safari, and Firefox. – woo!

Whilst we’re on the subject of forms, the NN Group have posted Placeholders in Form Fields Are Harmful – I can understand the concern!

Harry Roberts writes up another great post, A Classless Class on using More Classes in your HTML – The upshot? Don’t be afraid to add classes to your HTML.

Ahhh, the Hamburger Menu icon. Here’s an update to an older post by JXNBLK on the icon and whether it’s a good idea to use it?


Ahh, Flexbox. That unruly section of CSS that I’ve been meaning to grasp and write a post on but haven’t got round to it. Fortunately, Chris Coyier has written a Complete Guide to Flexbox – winner!

New to CSS, or just fancy brushing up your skills? Friend Guy Routledge has started a video series called A to Z of CSS

The problem I’ve always had with Parallax sites (yeah yeah, they’re old hat and I’ve built a few!) is that the animations and scrolling is usually janky and awful. Good job Dave Gamache is around to help – Parallax Done Right

Some people (read @lukehaas) are faaar too clever at CSS – here’s some pure Single Element CSS loading spinners


Whats a better way to do media queries in Sass? Ben Frain askes the question and backs it up with science codeInline or Combined Media Queries in Sass? Fight!


Bower is something I’ve heard of, but not actually understood. Good job my friend Mike Streety has written up an Introduction to Bower

A nice look at Ember.js’s Fixture Adapters – I know nothing about Ember, but this seems like a pretty slick feature if I’m reading it right!


Interested in iOS design? The iOS Human Interface Guidelines have been released as an iBook on the iBook store

Speaking of iOS design, here’s an iOS 7 Cheat Sheet

A nice post from DHH over on Signal vs Noise, Drive Developments with Budgets, not Estimates

An old one here but helpful none the less, here’s slides from my friend Ben Everards Shropgeek Rebellion talk from last year, Web Performance Improvements in One Hour

A clever post over on CSS-Tricks talking about Reading Position Indicators and the best way to go about implementing them. Do you think they’re a good idea?

Last week, I shared the link to Harry Roberts Trello Workflow – here’s a related post, Using Trello like a Boss!

Here’s a few tips from good friend Mike Streety about .gitignore and Ignoring Libraries in GIT

Not sure what Design Tool does, but I think it’ll be pretty cool!

The FT wades in on the Chrome URL removal thingy that happened over the last few weeks, Do We Really Need to Hide the URL?


And there we have it, a round up of the best links I’ve come across in the past week! Hope you’re enjoying them! See you next time!