Weekly Links 8

Here’s what I’ve been reading this past week!


Clever dude Brad Frost talks about HTML Wireframes

I don’t have much call to do HTML emails but it’s nice to keep the knowledge there for when the need arises. Here’s a modern Grunt workflow for email design

CSS / Sass

Here’s a Sass mixin for a pure CSS slideshow. Nice.

Guy Routledge shows us how to make A Style Guide Colours with Sass

I’m not that advanced with my Sass knowledge so getting out of a pickle with the basics isn’t too hard, but as my knowledge progresses, so does the complexity of my Sass; so this’ll come in handy – Debug Sass like a Pro! using source maps.

A nice post on the Guardian Dev blog where they tell us about Improving Sass Code Quality on the Guardian


Famo.us looks like a nice framework for building slick UIs

Here’s a guide from Paul Irish on how to Using Modernizer Responsibly


Compresser.io is an online tool for reducing your images and photos with almost no visible difference! I’ve not given this a go but have been using ImageOptim on a recent client build where the average file size of images provided was 4MB each.

Speaking of performance, here’s a handy guide to Enabling GZip

The big Google have open sourced their PDF rendering engine, PDFium

Speaking of Goog, Chrome 35 will come bundled with a host of new APIs & Javascript features.

Good friend Adam Onishi recently delivered a talk at DevsLoveBacon called There Is No Such Thing as a Work Life Balance Working with Burnout – Burnout is a horrible feeling (I’ve been there) and I know a lot of people in our industry who have (including Adam!). Please read this, and then take it easy. Working an 18 hour day isn’t a badge of honour!

Everyone loves a bit of good UX, Five Customer Experience Lessons Coffee Taught Me

Here’s a nice handy guide for Git, The Git Protocol from Thoughtbot

Carl Smith from NGen Works recently wrote about their Pause Clause – It’s a great idea and something I’ve struggled with in the past. I’ll be implementing that in my adaption of the Contract Killer

Behaviour Design has always interested me, this is a nice read.

My mate Scott Hates shipping MVPs

Speaking of shipping, here’s the Guardian talking about small iterative changes to Guardian Football to improve their service – Shortening the Goalposts

FontAwesome have added 71 icons in their latest release

Why and How we Should Avoid Hamburger Menus – How do you do menus on mobile?

Here’s a useful post from Matthew Roach on his Sublime Text setup. What are your go-to plugins for Sublime?

Lastly, Oozled went live last week thanks to Dan & Ryan – A quality and massive list of design resources, categorised!


And there we have another round up of the best links my Pocket has seen this week! What have I missed? Share your best resources too!