Weekly Links 9

I’m properly pressed for time this week and rather than missing a weeks post, I thought I’d publish a shorter list. Still some quality links though!


I have a confession, I still don’t know anything about responsive images other than what they actually do. I’ve no idea how to implement it, no idea on the best method of implementation or the performance hits they produce! I was so happy to hear my buddy Ben Seymour was attacking this very subject in a nice easy to read manner, complete with examples! Practical Responsive Images


I’ve been doing a front-end WordPress build this past week which features a lot of large images. As you’d expect, performance was a little slow. Fortunately, alround good egg potato, Gareth Brown at code potato wrote an excellent and in-depth update to his 2012 article, WordPress Websites and Performance, the 2014 update

JS / jQuery

Not sure this is the right section for this but FlippinAwesome has a nice Introduction to the AmbientLight API – I’ve talked about this before and will definitely be playing soon!

Chrome 36 Beta has been released with some new features including element.animate, the forthcoming Web Animations JS API & HTML imports!


Switching out ems for rems has some nice code examples and explanations behind using rems.

To help make your designs nicer, typography wise, Precision Baselines with Sass

The clever Boz Boz team have released version 1.4 of their Sass framework, Luigi


Sadly, Massimo Vignelli passed away this week.

GIT has been upgraded to 2.0.0, read the release notes

Speaking of GIT, publish ebooks using Git & Markdown with GitBook

Everyone loves freelance advice right? Awesome copywriter, Spadge has a nice write up with advice from equally as awesome designer, David ‘pommy’ Pomfret from Simple as Milk. Freelance Advice

Whilst I was at the last CroydonCreativ.es social meet, my buddy Alex Sexton showed me a neat little app he had on his macbook called Dash, it’s the first time I’d seen it but its essentially an offline documentation viewer for many many web languages. I installed it last night and found it overly helpful!


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