Weekly Links 11

Morning all. A fairly bumper issue of Weekly Links as I try to play catch up over the past few weeks!


Ahh, the favicon. The small element nearly everyone (read: me!) forgets every time. Here’s a great roundup on how to create the icon, link it up and get it working on all devices! All Favicons for All Devices and Sizes

Here’s a handy guide on Getting Started with SVG from SitePoint.


Ahh, I love CSS animations – here’s A Beginners Introduction to CSS Animations.

Still looking into Source Maps with Sass? - TheSassWay have you covered…

Looking for an eBook to help with your Sass learning? Check out Sass In The Real World, the first of 4 books which will boost your knowledge with Sass.


Over on CSS-Tricks this week, Chris Scott takes us through a use-case for the Shadow DOM > Using Encapsulation for Semantic Markup

BounceJS looks like a neat tool to create CSS3 animations in no time. The examples certainly look slick!

Need a random nice colour? randomColor has you covered – instead of using Math.random() to produce a random murky green or grey, randomColor produces an aesthetically pleasing random colour. Neat :)

I don’t entirely understand what Flare is, but I’ve seen it pop up a fair bit in my twitter feed. It bills itself as an Unobtrusive event emitter API for Google Universal Analytics event tracking… I'll be honest, I'm still a little clueless.

Whilst I’m still learning my way around jQuery, this’ll come in handy for me, and perhaps you too! The Mystery Of The jQuery Object: A Basic Introduction on Smashing Magazine.

This looks interesting, a tutorial I wouldn’t mind following along with – Create a TV Show Tracker using AngularJS, NodeJS & MongoDB

FramerJS is a prototyping kit which allows designer to turn static mockups into prototypes with animation & interaction.


Last week, I posted a bunch of links regarding the new Apple language, Swift. As it’s still hot-topic at the moment, let’s have some more eh?

Learn Swift is a curated list of tutorials, resources, samples & code to help you pick up the language.

Clever chap Dan Eden was on the How to Hold A Pencil podcast recently where he spoke about his motivations, how he got started in the industry etc. He also touched on iOS dev and mentioned he’s been learning ObjC for the past 6 months or so. Dan believes you’d be better off learning the fundementals of C / ObjC before moving over to Swift.

SwiftDevs is a new place to share & earn knowledge on Swift.

It appears that Swift isn’t that swift


I love Sketch. This is a fantastic looking tutorial on creating a colourful iOS icon

Are you mocking up an app in Sketch 3 for the latest OS X, Yosemite? Then you may want to check out YosemiteUI – a UI Kit designed exclusively for Yosemite.

I mentioned FramerJS earlier. Coming soon will be a tie-in with Sketch which will allow you to produce interactive prototypes directly from Sketch. How awesome is that? It’s still in beta at the moment but check it out on github – sketch-framer-3


UX Crash Course: User Psychology – this interests me immensely and there’s now 31 new lessons!

Whilst we’re on UX, UXPin are offering a free ebook on wireframing! The Guide to Wireframing – For Designers, PMs, Engineers and Anyone Who Touches Product

Are you developing apps for Windows Phone? Here’s a post on the Windows site about battery optimisation. Optimising Battery Consumption of Windows Phone Applications – OK, so not strictly front-end dev but we should all think about optimisation for phones when we’re cramming the latest CSS3 features into our mobile designs.

Ahhh… HTML emails. Such fun, much distress, wow. (sue me!). The awesome ActionRocket team have put together an weekly email newsletter on emails & email design. They’ve written up how they’ve produced their new emails

Speaking of emails, SassNews (sign up!!!) has had a new lick of paint in the email newsletter sense thanks to that super-clever @mikestreety – he’s also gone through the trouble of writing up how he done it! Remaking the SassNews Newsletter

Niice seems like a slick way of finding inspiration!

Does your feed reader need some more front-end feeds added to it? ImpressiveWebs have you covered with Frontend-feeds – a github repo full of RSS feeds for sites you should be reading!

There’s a nice write-up on the hacks.mozilla page – Easy Audio Capture with the MediaRecorder API – I wonder what cool apps can be produced using this?

jQuery creator, John Resig posted a great article – something I try and do everyday (but with many commitments, isn’t always possible for me) – Write Code Every Day

WordPress dev? Interested in Object Orientated PHP? Then WP-Shout have you covered – The Concepts of Object-Oriented PHP You Need to Understand for WordPress Development


And thats the end of that chapter. The weekly round up. All the usual stuff here applies. A generous tweet would be nice, it’d be great to grow the readership of this round up on a weekly basis, so please do share it!.

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Adios Amigos.