Give & Tell Challenge

It's been interesting to see how far the #ALSChallenge has gone in the past few weeks. It's become so popular that nearly 75% of my Facebook feed (at least for the few minutes I spent perusing it this evening) is involved in it. It's funny to watch friends shriek as the ice-cold water drains over their body. It's funnier to watch bloopers of people slipping or misjudging and ending up on the floor.

It's easy to forget that the whole escapade is in support of a charity, a charity which has received over $88 million since the Ice Bucket challenge started. That's a huge amount by anyones standards.

That said, I find it a shame that some folk can't donate anyway. Why do they need a gimmick in order to chip in to help a charity in need.

Dan James wrote about the Ice Bucket Challenge and how he thinks it's great for raising funds for charity, however, he goes on to say...

There is a gimmickry about it that takes away from the charity. The important thing seems to have become watching people pour ice water on their heads. The donations, the charity, the giving, has become a side effect (with indisputable financial results) of a viral sensation.

So Dan goes on to suggest a different type of challenge.

The "Give and Tell Challenge". You donate to a cause, or causes, that have meaning to you and you say why.

Same sensation, less moisture.

So my friend Si Jobling challenged me to the Give & Tell.

I give regularly to Cancer Research since losing friends and family to the big C and Tommys after our Harry was born prematurely. Both of these charities are doing remarkable things in their respective fields which is absolutely awesome.

They'll also be getting a little extra this month because they're awesome!

Which leads me onto the next bit... nominations. I won't be nominating anyone.

If you can donate to a charity, if you can spare a small amount of change, then please do donate. I don't want to force you into donating. If you can, do! :)