Huh, Hello 2022!

My last post here, was just over 13 months ago. I set myself a bunch of tasks which I aimed to achieve throughout the year. I had every intention of posting an update mid-way through the year to at least try and hold myself accountable for my task list.

Clearly, I didn't post that update and truth be told, I struggled to keep up last year. It all become far to much of a blur.


The tasks were:

  1. Reduce screen time overall - This didn't go as smoothly as planned. The day job was just super busy throughout the year as COVID, and it's subsequent restrictions eased in the UK. I spent too much time working and not enough time relaxing.
  2. Be more active - I aimed for 4,000km on the bike in 2021. I achieved 3,089km which is decent, but missed the target by almost a thousand kilometres.
  3. Read more books - Failed this one miserable.
  4. Produce some music - I struggled on this one. My laptop wouldn't run Ableton Live Suite which hindered the process.
  5. Be more positive, generally - I did OK at this one, I think. I generally did and still am projecting a more positive attitude, but find that stress will always scupper the mood.

Disappointing is the word I'd use to sum up the last years results based solely on the above, but 2021 wasn't a failure at all. The day job has been unbelievably busy. My family have kept safe & well and we've made some great memories.

We're well in to 2022 now and whilst its tempting to make another list of things I'd like to achieve, it almost seems pointless.

So instead, I'm reframing the problem. Instead of a list of things I want to achieve, here's a list of things I am working on this year. A very similar list but instead of beating myself up for not achieving what I'd set out to do, I can constantly evaluate and know that any work I put in will improve my life or skill set.

Turning that negative into a positive.


So this year, I'll be:

  1. Work/Life Balance - A key motivator this one, working smarter should lead to less hours glued to a screen and more hours with my family, on the bike or in the garden.
  2. Get Healthier - COVID didn't help my mental or physical wellbeing. I'll continue the cycling commute (40km daily) which will also help given the rising fuel & travel costs to the office. I've also recently started running with my eldest child and swimming with my wife.
  3. Read More Books - I've got myself a new kindle and a bunch of books to read. I'm trying to set aside some time most days to get my read on.
  4. Improve My Dev Skills - I started my eleventy blog in 2020, following the COVID lockdowns. It was an attempt to upskill just in case the day job went sideways. This upskilling re-ignited the passion for code. I've been busy since (the day job certainly wasn't going sideways!) but the passion is still here.

I'll be updating the Hitlist shortly with some further tools & tricks I want to try, as well as a few other ideas to play with.

Hows your 2022 looking?