Weekly Links 4

The link list today is going to be another short one. I’ve caught up on my emails after last weeks post and I’ve got a lot to share with you but time (and stupidity) has got the better of me this week. Next week will be a bumper set!


I’ve mentioned previously that PictureFill v2 was in its beta release stage but now its released fully and it looks fantastic. You can start using picture now. How cool is that?


Fluidity is an impossibly small responsive CSS framework – So small in fact, it totals 247 bytes (minified). It works on the basis that raw HTML is almost 100% responsive. These additional styles cover the almost.


Here’s a little SassMeister gist with some code to help deal with z-index issues. And another gist with examples of Sass Maps for RWD. Nice, thanks Hugo

Micah wrote on the Phase2 Technology blog about how he has been using the new Sass 3.3 Maps feature to build style guides for his most recent project. Nifty!

Luke Harrison shows us how to create a Sass grid system with just a few variables and letting Sass deal with the rest. Bonus: here's part 2

I love baseline alignment, it makes me happy (even though my own site is so wildly out on that respect). This post on Medium from Razfan Onofrei talks about Aligning type to baseline the right way using Sass

Here’s one I really need to brush up on as it’s a subject I’ve failed to grok so far. It’s the @content directive in Sass. Here’s some use case examples


Ever wanted to track javaScript errors with Google Analytics? There’s a link for that!

Have you ever had to make a product tour for something? LinkedIn have you covered with Hopscotch – a framework for creating product tours!


Politespace is a neat little UX trick from those clever folk at Filament – its an unobtrusive and accessible alternative to input masks on form fields.

Awesome local agency Kyan are putting on WXG for a third year running in Guildford, Surrey. The lineup looks fantastic. You should go; early bird tickets are still available for another few days (end 30th Apr) and are priced at a very reasonable £69!

Speaking of awesome, those folk at Team Prime want to put on PrimeConf and are looking for backers on their kickstarter campaign – Team Prime want to celebrate the best of British digital technology talent at a one day conference at the beautiful Royal Institution in London, and they want to hold it in a little under two months. The campaign has two weeks to go and I hope it makes it!

I’m always dubious by tools like Parfait which claim to turn comps into code but this looks pretty nifty. You upload a PSD and once it processes, you’re able to click on elements of the PSD and see subsequent CSS to achieve that effect in code. Results remain to be seen.

Nicole Sullivan delivers a great talk on Style Guide Driven Development – Well worth a watch when you’ve an hour spare!


A short list this week. If you’ve got anything worth sharing, hit me up on twitter @mrqwest