Learning Less

Introducing “Learning Less’, a video course I created for Packt Publishing in 2016

Learning Less is an introduction into the main features of Less CSS, the language extension for CSS. This course will guide you through the basics of setting up LESS within your workflow leaving you with the know-how required to make your stylesheets more efficient and maintainable.

Split over 25 separate videos with a total runtime of less than 2 hours, Learning Less is broken down into bitesize manageable chunks. Each video will help explain and demonstrate important features that you need to know, leaving you with the enough knowledge to begin delving deeper into LESS and making your CSS easier to manage and faster to write.

What You'll Learn

This is a crash course in Less, taking you from initial setup through to learning the most useful of skills.

  • Get to know the basics of CSS preprocessing so you can work with LESS effortlessly

  • Automate the processing of LESS with task runners

  • Get to know about variables and the best ways to use them within your LESS files

  • Nest your CSS to improve code readability

  • Power-up your code with mixins

  • Work with parametric mixins to customize their output

  • Make your code more maintainable by using extends

  • Get smart with Colours, Math and Images using functions

  • Use the built-in functions within LESS to produce your own color palette

  • Discover more tools to help level-up your frontend toolkit

What Others Have Said

... a great overview and introduction to LESS

The course content is very rich and very easy to apply in real life

Great tutorial for rookies! The lector is very competent and presents specifics of LESS with ease!

Get started

The Learning Less Course is a premium course sold through Packt Publishing.

When you purchase the course, you’ll get access to the MP4 video files which you can stream or download as you wish. All the video files are also DRM free so you can watch it on any device that is capable.

You’ll also get code and example files that will allow you to follow along with the course and review the examples to help you learn!